Hevert Collection: Volumes 5–8


Volumes five through eight of the Hevert Collection introduce us to Practice, Physical Culture, Herbs and Vaccinations. These therapies were used by naturopaths in the early years and are used by many today.



Edited by Sussanna Czeranko, ND, BBE

PRACTICE The very best of naturopathic pioneers’ clinical practices: this book explores their modalities and methodology ranging from heliotherapy, Nauheim baths, bloodless and orthopedic surgery, Earth Cure, water cure, botanical medicine and dietetics.

PHYSICAL CULTURE The basis of physical medicine, physical culture was championed as a main therapeutic tool by early naturopaths. This compilation reacquaints the contemporary naturopath with its many elements, including breathing, diverse exercise protocols and regimens.

HERBS Early naturopaths adopted many of the European herbal traditions of Father Sebastian Kneipp and others. Their work with herbs is the groundwork for the practice of botanical medicine to this day.

VACCINATIONS As contentious today in the healthcare landscape as a century ago, the issue of vaccinations can be contextualized and understood more fully by this review of the early works of naturopathic pioneers. This book provides an excellent framework for understanding the ongoing nature of the controversy and inter-professional conflict. Naturopathic alternatives to vaccination are well documented in this early writing and valuable for the contemporary ND to review.

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