Shamanic Wisdom for a Shifting World


Explore the concepts of Shamans, their roles, understandings, and relevance in today’s western culture.

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Compiled and Edited by Nancy Wastcoat, M.Ed. and Michael J. Garbett, Ed.D.

Who are Shamans, and what roles do they play in their communities? What is their understanding of the universe? How do shamanic ethics play out in today’s western culture? Perhaps you will find bits of wisdom that you can use in your own life to discover and ponder your interconnectedness of all creation. For more than 20 years, Mike Garbett and Nancy Wastcoat have traveled with, hosted and learned from a dozen teachers like Dona Maria, an 80-year-old Peruvian Wisdom Keeper. They have found that though each teacher brings forth differing ways of expression, all come from the same perspective. These teachers see the cosmos as inextricably and dynamically interconnected, alive and conscious. The see everything, visible and non-visible, tangible and non-tangible, heard and un-heard, as patterns of energy. They know that it is possible to change and create different patterns of energy. The book is a compilation of interviews from Peruvian teachers.

We each have a star of wholeness within us. We each have an obligation to change the dense energy around us. We must connect with the energy that creates everything. ~Dona Maria